Joanna Lewicka


Joanna Lewicka is more than a theatre director. She is always on the go, immersed in more projects at any given time than I could ever count. We_first met when I was a teenager and she was mentoring youth theatre groups, and I have followed her productions and other activities ever since – usually from the audience, with the thrilling privileges of sneak-peeks and long inspiring conversations backstage.

I was over the moon when Joanna invited me to give her a hand in curating her personal brand and assisting her in the enormous backstage work that she’s always at, from editing her director’s treatments and capacity building reports to creating her online portfolio. Building her website has turned into quite an uplifting experience for both of us: after years of professional activity, She has finally assembled, reviewed and ordered up a vast collection of archival documentation, and I have finally gained an in-depth insight into her artistic journey – and the amazing stage photography of her productions.

Arguably, a theatre director’s job is first and foremost to empower the cast and crew, which is what Joanna excels at. That’s why we came up with the .org domain. Behind this one freelance theatre-maker there is a large and fluid team of artists and professionals, and I am really delighted to claim a spot among them.