Here’s Olga.
I love birds, flowers, mermaids,
words, letters, numbers, symbols,
globes, maps, models, tables,
spheres, circles, symmetry,
synthesizing, overthinking
and setting rules.

Here’s Olga.
I love birds, flowers, mermaids, adventures, words, letters, numbers, images, maps, globes, models, drawings, symbols, tables, spheres, symmetry, overthinking, synthesizing and making rules.


Turin is often associated with its automotive industry and football clubs, with its royal – aristocratic heritage and workers’ movements, with excellent coffee, vermouth and wine. For me it is a capital of culture. Look at the skyline: in most Italian cities you will first see a cathedral, in Turin – the Mole. Designed by Alessandro Antonelli in the 1860s, it was originally conceived as a synagogue but was bought by the Municipality to serve as a monument to national unity. Since the 1990s it has hosted the iconic Museum of Cinema, two steps away from the birthplace of RAI, the Italian national television and radio. My favourite Italian author, Umberto Eco, summed it up: without Italy, Turin would be more or less the same but without Turin, Italy would be very different. If Europe will ever have its own Hollywood or Silicon Valley, I’m quite sure it’s going to stretch between Turin, Milan, Genoa and Venice.

For all things that have to do with youth entrepreneurship and creativity, in Turin SEIplus is the best first point of reference. A youth association founded by the alumni of_the School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, SEIplus organizes fantastic events and maintains an inclusive community of enthusiastic doers. Long story short, that’s where I’ve learned how to brainstorm in a structured way and how to make websites with lots of animations.

Different European institutions and their policies are challenged or championed by civic organizations focused on federalism.
As a member of Gioventù Federalista Europea (GFE) I also belong to Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE) and Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes (JEF).

I joined to connect with like-minded people in Turin and in Europe, and get involved in advocating for better European institutions and policies. It’s always enriching to attend any JEF events, from lowkey meetings in via Michele Schina, through regional and national congresses to seminars abroad, and even following GFE’s WhatsApp groups is already a treat: I had never been better informed about all the news about European politics.

Our activities involve a lot of communication efforts, and I’ve tried to contribute by building the website

In search for initiatives that combine thinking globally and acting locally, I’ve been involved with a number of communities and volunteering projects,
most notably Amnesty International, EXPO Milano 2015, Warsaw Debate Club, AIESEC, TEDx, Rotaract, MUN clubs.

Sooner or later, I had to come across the Global Shapers Community, a platform initiated and supported by the World Economic Forum to connect and empower proactive young people from around the world. After a decade of activity, it counts nearly 10,000 members aged 18-33 in nearly 430 Hubs worldwide. Shapers conceive and carry out impactful local projects, and exchange insights and best practices internationally – online and in person.

In a lot of things, Shapers embody an international family I have always craved for. Thanks to the Turin Hub I feel even more at home in Turin,
and thanks to Shapers from around the world I feel home is wherever they are.