Tender Communication offers comprehensive branding and PR services so that you can focus on doing what you are most passionate about.

Tender Communication
offers comprehensive branding and PR services so that you can focus on doing what you are most passionate about

Curating a brand and building a community requires vision, strategy and many a tool. A flood of new creative productivity apps makes it all seem more accessible, but actually they’re only raising the bar for digital contents to capture anyone’s attention even for a few seconds. If you have tried doing it alone or in-house, you surely know the struggle.

One way to communicate what you do without going crazy is to embrace tenderness towards yourself and your audience. Going tender means turning your communication smarter, more cost-effective and more authentic. It values quality over quantity, focusing on the people that you actually need to reach and who will genuinely love hearing from you.

If you’re unsure whether tenderness suits you well,
consider the following questions…

What are you?

Tenderness facilitates self expression.

Tenderness favours team spirit.

I’d be happy to connect you with creative agencies with whom I collaborate.

What do you do?

Tenderness is the secret ingredient in cinema, cuisine, design, fashion, literature, music, performing and visual arts.

Tenderness is the key to taking care of others by providing them with your legal, linguistic, medical, psychological or other expertise.

Tenderness drives activists, educators and journalists to share knowledge and spread kindness. 

Tenderness is about creating possibilities for others.

What do you need?

Tenderness is fueled by constant adventures –
if you only need a single text / image / document…
search no more!

Tenderness drives love stories – our collaboration might take shape of one with a beginning, a middle and an end, leaving you with a website or a social media campaign.

Tenderness is most fulfilled in lasting partnerships.

We could work together on every aspect of your personal brand or your organization’s PR, mixing and matching different elements into a wholesome combination.

What do you have?

Tenderness assumes fairness, professionalism and satisfaction on both sides.

Tenderness is about recognizing when to contribute pro bono.

If you’re a member of the Global Shapers or the JEF, count me in by default!

Where would you like to meet?

Please feel free to book a free slot in my calendar.

Let’s meet for a coffee!

Please drop me an email at olga@tender.land
or call / text me at +39 3519341370 to fix the date.

Why not! Feel free to drop me an email at olga@tender.land.


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…or simply drop me an email at olga@tender.land